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One of StarShine's Principles addresses technology:

Leveraging technology facilitates connecting people; personal contact is vital.

StarShine Technology is a leader in the use of technology to support learning.  Every school year since 2002, every student has had a one-to-one use of computers, IPads and Android tablets.  Students in Grades 7-12 use a 10" eBOLT tablet, while students in the younger grades use a 7" tablet.

Some highlights of the technology:

  • It's wireless, so you can use it anywhere on campus.
  • Most textbooks are on the tablet. The tablet supports taking notes and highlighting text right in the e-textbooks.
  • For Grades 7-12, the screen is HD with a 10.1 inch display. 
  • Learning is supported by the tablet Imagine a situation where a teacher writes a word problem on their tablet. Then that word problem automatically populates on all the students screens. Any student in the class is then able to answer the question on their tablet and the screen will simultaneously update for the rest of the Class! Although we'll still have a marker board when needed, we have new technological paths between teacher and student and are always improving.
  • Microphone, video and camera capabilities are built in so that students are able to chat with communities and other schools from across the globe. Also the video and camera capabilities are used in our media class to edit and record pictures and videos.
  • Free eBooks! Fewer books to buy or carry around.  Frankenstein, King Arthur's Court, Lady of the Lake, Sea Wolf, Scarlet Letter, and many more are already on the tablet or downloadable for free.
  • Writing notes into a PDF and saving it is as easy as putting your finger on the screen and writing the note. 



Highlighting in a PDF is easy as pressing two buttons. 

Links below to videos of the Ebolt in use 




  • Separate tablets are used for grades K-6 grade where students use them for a reading programs such as Headsprout,  quarterly testing, applications, watching educational videos, art work, and much more!

  • Each classroom is equipped  with projectors. 
  • Smart boards are used for teaching and communicating with classrooms all over the world.


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