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StarShine Academy is a K-12 Charter School network recognized as a transformative innovator in education. We are dedicated to revamping education and shaping teaching techniques, so that each student is given the best opportunity to learn anything. At StarShine we do not just build great students, we build great people. StarShine prepares each child for success using a combination of outstanding teaching, compassion, understanding and the ability to recognize and support the individual needs and desires of each student. At StarShine we believe that Self-Empowerment along with Self-Discipline are essential to success. "Learn how to love to learn at StarShine," includes adults and children.

StarShine has been nationally and internationally accredited, and honored by the United Nations as a school for peace.  This year, even more exciting things are happening as StarShine Academy again opens its newest facility for another year, a "green" EcoVillage at 3535 East McDowell Road in Phoenix, Arizona 85008.

StarShine Academy employs highly qualified and energetic Principals, elementary, middle and high school teachers, and volunteers. Teachers at StarShine Academy are called "Leaders of Learning" and are passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping every child find their talent to grow into a peaceful, productive, and successful person, while at the same time igniting each student’s passion to learn.  

We'll have a fill-in-the-blanks form up soon, but for now, please email us at jobs@starshine.us.  Let us know how you can help StarShine live up to its principles.


Volunteer Opportunities

We list volunteer opportunities at www.volunteermatch.org.  Some of them are directly linked below.

Grant Writer
Virtual Opportunity
Consider writing grants for our schools, teachers or students. We qualify for most grants, but need more people to help to find them and write them. If ...
Great for 55+, Groups
Need a Community Group to Fund and Install Playgrounds
During the past two years, StarShine built an amazing campus, full of learning technologies. Our priority was green building, beauty, safety, learning curriculum and inspiring surroundings......
Great for 55+, Groups (any size)
Paid Teacher's Positions: K-12 Apply at www.starshineacademy.org
StarShine Academy, a K-12 Charter School began in 2002 and is recognized as an innovator in education. We are dedicated to revamping education and shaping teaching techniques, so ...
Public Relations and Media Volunteer Guru
StarShine Academy is growing and we have great stories of success, but others need to know about it. If you know how to write press releases, blogs, social ...
Great for Teens, 55+, Groups (up to 5)
Teacher Classroom Assistant/ or Business Mentor
StarShine Schools need positive people to mentor students one/one and also assist teachers with many responsiibilities. If you work for more than one day, you must get a ...
Great for Teens, 55+, Groups (up to 5)
Volunteer Coordinator
Virtual Opportunity
A few years ago, StarShine Academy Schools received the Governor's Award for registering the most volunteer hours. We rely on hundreds of volunteers for many different projects. ...
Great for Teens, 55+, Groups
Volunteers For Outside Improvement
StarShine Academy built a Community EcoVillage K-12 school in Phoenix in 2013. It is so beautiful but due to severe budget cuts, our property is starting to need ...
Great for 55+, Groups (any size)
Websites Manager
Virtual Opportunity
StarShine needs constant updating to its websites. The teachers don't really have the time to keep up their own pages of the websites, including the sports and calendar ...
Great for 55+, Groups
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If you are interested in being part of this amazing program that is changing education then please contact us here:



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