StarShine Home School Network

StarShine Home School Network 

is an important part of StarShine Academy International private, charter and mission schools, all based on growing the happiest, most respectful, life-long learner/achievers, ready to help themselves and others.

StarShine researches worldwide practices, scientifically proven to develop individual and community results. StarShine World Corporate Center is located on our Creative Community Eco-Village in downtown Phoenix, Arizona next door to the world-famous Trinity Broadcasting Network, where we test everything we do with 300 K-12 students, parents and Learning Leader Tutors.

StarShine Academy began as a free private school in 2002 with a big mission; to begin to develop a better world by developing children, parents,  teachers and local business supporters through learning and practicing better in school. We wanted to find the most amazing and rapid learning methods no matter where they were. The school started as a reaction to the disasters of 9/11, as a way to learn to live based on respect, empathy, individual and community empowerment.

We have watched the growth in our children and communities worldwide, particularly with families choosing to Home School  their children and in Home School Co-Ops. Our research Hub is in our AdvancED Accredited charter school in Phoenix. Public and Charter Schools must still operate under the constraints of outdated federal and state school laws so typically do not attain the top results most Home Schools do. 

StarShine recognized the need for Home Schools to share best practices, results, information and ideas in addition to International and National Accreditation, so immediately developed StarShine School in a Box. It is an actual box full of materials and our virtual communities; recipes to get everyone "out of the box" into creative thinking and solutions.

StarShine wants you to enjoy your children and learning better and easier. We put hundreds of people into research and data to give you what we think is the best of the best educational ideas and resources, so you are getting much needed sleep at midnight, rather than researching lesson plans for the next day. When your children graduate, they receive a StarShine Academy Accredited Home School Certificate. 

For information on how you and your children can become a part of this phenomenal StarShine Home School Network, growing to share the best of the best for the sake of better children, better parents, better world, please contact us at

In your request please describe your children's ages, present individual needs and size-description of your Home School. Each program is slightly individually  tailored to support an individual school, all sharing StarShine's 15 Guiding Principles and Positive Motivational Practices.

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