2013 Sowie Award Winners Announced

Boots and Stars Benefit Tribute: Honoring the Pioneering Spirit of the Southwest to Change the World and Recognition of Sowers

History of Success

In 2013, a recognition dinner will be held for the first Sower Awards to be given to honorees selected for their contributions to StarShine and for exemplifying sustainability and peace-building in their lives. These individuals are highly respected leaders who serve as tangible role models for today’s youth.

In addition to bringing recognition to the laureate and his/her company, this unique evening also celebrates the many talented teachers and young people of StarShine. Fine dining, entertainment, the presentation of The First Annual Sower Award complement the evening.

Inaugural StarShine Sower Award Laureates:
Sharing the Pioneering Spirit of the Southwest to Change the World.

These ladies and gentleman have dedicated their lives working toward innovation, peace and sustainability and have still managed to help StarShine through the years, bringing it toward its present global impact.

Joy Bancroft, Philanthropist and Honorary Co-Chair of Boot and Stars

Joy, for over twenty years, has been a dedicated friend, Mastermind Partner, and supporter of Trish McCarty and StarShine.

Bill Crawford, Basic Training

Bill was the first to donate fitness equipment, instruction and mentoring to StarShine students and has continued to be a StarShine advocate and advisor through StarShine’s growth.

Michael Crow, ASU

Michael, a world leader for the environment and sustainability, invited StarShine to join Skysong in 2009 for our innovation in K-12, helping us to form strategic partnerships with world visionaries affiliated with Skysong and ASU.

Paul Eppinger, Executive Director, Arizona Interfaith

Paul, a founder of Arizona Interfaith, inspired ongoing support of StarShine’s work. He orchestrates global projects for religious organizations working toward sustainability and peace.  

Shep Gordon, Alive Enterprises

Shep, well-known in the entertainment industry, has been an advocate and supporter of peace and sustainability movements since college. He devotes his service to only two charity boards, the Tibet Fund for His Holiness, Dalai Lama, and StarShine.

Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General

Tom has been a consistent supporter of StarShine Academy and of Trish’s vision. At our first commencement in 2004 with four graduates, Tom, as Superintendent of Arizona Education, gave the keynote address. He has rarely turned down an opportunity to support StarShine, its students and its future.

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, RichDadPoorDad

Robert and Kim gave Trish $25,000 when she told them she was about to open a school as a model to change K-12, because they believed her. They continue to help year after year, especially working to improve student and families’ knowledge of financial literacy using RichDadPoorDad books and games.

Kellie Kreiser, Thunderbird School of Global Management

As the Director for Thunderbird for Good, Kellie has spent hundreds of hours supporting StarShine and bringing distinguished global leaders to StarShine Academy including Media and Radio Station owners from Afghanistan, Women Business Owners from Afghanistan, and International Graduate Students.

Robert Lawson, Lawson Financial

The belief and the work of Robert and his firm made it possible for StarShine to provide not only a first-class education but also a first-class education setting.  It was Lawson Financial who helped provide the final funding for the entire Creative Community Ecovillage project.

Scott Lerman, Lucid Brands

Scott, one of the top branding experts today, created the StarShine Sower “Sowie” in 2004 as a Johnny Appleseed type of child sowing thirteen stars, depicting thirteen grades (K-12) of StarShine students, sowing stars of hope, inspiration and peace. He further developed all branding and marketing for StarShine. His in-kind donations to StarShine amount to over two million dollars.

Sherry and Bill Lund

Sherry and Bill Lund have lived their lives as examples to help others. Bill directed the building of Disney World and Epcot Center working with Walt Disney to showcase nature. Sherry as a StarShine board member has been exemplary as a donor and volunteer.

Joe Martori, Entrepreneur and Author

Joe and his wife Mia care deeply about StarShine kids.  Year after year, they hosted Starshine students for overnight trips to Sedona at Christmastime, treating them with first-class care.  Joe and Mia have attended every StarShine graduation.

Cheryl McArthur, Philanthropist

Cheryl, for many years, has been a dedicated friend and supporter of Trish McCarty and StarShine. At home in Aspen, Colorado she supports the arts, yoga, meditation and living in harmony with nature.

Gladys McGarey, Living Medicine

Hailed as the Mother and Founder of Holistic Medicine, Gladys has been a featured icon at StarShine. Recently StarShine dedicated its Wellness Center in her honor, the Gladys McGarey Living Medicine Wellness Center.

Jack Ring, Systemist

Jack is well known as one of the top brains in the world as a systems engineer and strategic advisor. He mentored Trish McCarty and others at StarShine to develop a grassroots, “Chaordic Growth” movement to impact all of K-12 education, world-wide.

Richard Shields, U.S. Embassy, Foreign Service Institute

As an U.S. Embassy CFO and global financial expert, Rich has tremendously supported StarShine’s events and outreach throughout its growth, and has attended most of the 9/11 StarShine dedications.

Vernon Swaback, Architect

Vernon was one of StarShine’s first board members and is the visionary behind the Creative Community Ecovillage. Truly a “take action not just talk philosophy” he has given extraordinary support to Trish and to StarShine.

Stephen Toevs, Executive Chef, Ritz-Carlton

Steve has won several international awards for his work. While on location last year working in the Cayman Islands, he interrupted his trip to return to Phoenix to work with StarShine students to prepare the 100th Monkey Community Breakfast.

Susan Trotter, Macy’s West

Susan, representing one of our favorite large corporations, one known for creating magic, risked her position many times in support of StarShine to Macy’s because she believed in what StarShine aspired to accomplish, rather than on proof that it could. Macy’s has supported StarShine for many years because of Susan’s support.

Uqualla, Native American Medicine Man

Uqualla is an extraordinary human, a spirit in human clothes, inspiring people throughout the world. A native Havasupi leader from the Grand Canyon, he has participated in all of StarShine’s dedications. He believes StarShine will change the world.

Bill Yotive, United Nations

Bill is the Director for the United Nations Global Teaching and Learning Project and has been a friend to StarShine for many years. His beliefs, actions and life are consistent. “The world will improve as individual lives improve through education and work.”


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